The easiest way to get involved in pika is to join our mealplan. Email pika-mealplan at to sign up!

Continuous Rush

pika practices "continuous rush", meaning that we are always welcoming new pikans. Our process is pretty unique.

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR FALL 2021: Due to the pandemic and the related hiatus, we have altered our rush process for those looking for Fall 2021 housing.

Please see this page for more details.

The Rush Process

Exchange Students and Other Travellers

If you're coming to MIT as an exchange student or otherwise can't be around to hang out at pika, but want to move in, we can set you up with a rush survey and give you an informal video call to get to know you. To start that process, email pika-rush at


Once a term or so, we have a rush period, where we have all sorts of fun events. From hair dying to juggling, playing with trash compactors to telephone pictionary (if you haven't played, you haven't lived!) there's always something fun going on. (Of course, you're welcome to come meet us any time, not just during rush!)

Visit our rush website at


During the summer, we open up the house to the wider community, which means you can live at pika without having a bid from pika. We like to think of it as a time for people to find out if pika might be right for them.

During the summer, we can house non-MIT students!

We'll send out emails to our social lists and dorm mailing lists when we're ready to accept applicants for summer. If you're not on those lists, email pika-rush at to get a "rush survey" (our quirky version of an application).